Photo editing software today is painfully inefficient for photographers taking several hundreds or thousands of pictures on an event. SilverNode will take away frustration, and give you back the freedom to shoot photos, without worrying about editing them.

We want SilverNode to …

  • be an extremely fast photo editor on every computer.
  • have an elegant workflow.
  • predict your desired edit settings by learning your style.
  • produce high-quality photos.
  • be intuitive, yet powerful.

Other remarkable aspects and features:

  • Take away as much of the repetitiveness of editing photos (by leveraging ML-based techniques), and therefore bringing the creative aspect back.
  • Carefully written job system that keeps the user interface always responsive while keeping your hardware busy.
  • Additional Vim-style keybindings that allow for little-to-no-mouse editing and navigating your RAW photos.
  • Additional Blender-style bindings to allow for an alternative way of editing photos, minimizing the amount of mouse movement, while still leveraging the keys under your left hand on the keyboard.