Martijn Courteaux
SilverNode devlog #002 is out!

In an attempt to have a broader photo set, covering more types of photography, featuring landscapes, nature, and people from different countries and cultures, we collected some photos from SignatureEdits > Free RAW Photos, which provides free RAW images for any purpose; so a big thank you to those kind folks for hosting, and everyone submitting awesome photos to that website.

The new features covered in this devlog are:

- HSL panels: create curves to shift hue, change saturation, and luminance as a function of the hue.
- Exposure zones: shadows and highlights: implemented as a curve as well.
- Experimenting with contrast locality effects.
- Before and after toggle animation for individual effect groups, or the entire edit.

Martijn Courteaux
SilverNode devlog #001 is out!

- Early version of Auto Editing
- Split Toning / Color Balance Wheels
- Grid improvements

Laying out the fundamentals for the Auto Edit was quite some work, and does not yield much visual results yet. Soon more impressive results can be expected!

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